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Originally Posted by BoogieMan
I have added it up myself. But, I heard that 41 laws were broken before a shot was fired.
I find that very difficult to believe.

The question for this thread was specifically GUN laws, though, and I had already been wondering the same thing ... which is why I was able to put together my little list. Limiting the discussion strictly to GUN laws, I can't come up with anything I didn't mention in my post above.

CT doesn't have a magazine capacity law. The AR-15 and the pistols were bought by the mother in CT so the guns themselves were legal. At 20 the shooter couldn't have bought handgun ammo (legally), but he didn't need to -- he stole his mother's, along with her guns. So that's a felony theft charge, not a "gun" law violation.

I really don't see that many. What am I overlooking?
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