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What prompted the question - in part - is that the Owner's Manual specifically prohibits Hornady "high pressure" ammo by name. I guess "Superperformance"
Hornady used to make a line of ammo called "Light Mag" which the "Superperformance" line replaced,

Per Hornady Website:
It wasn't until 1983 that Hornady Bullets, Frontier Ammunition and Pacific Reloading Tools were merged into one corporation. To signify the complete merger, Frontier Ammunition became Hornady Custom Ammunition, and Pacific Reloading Tools became Hornady Reloading Tools.
Hornady didn't even make ammo under the name Hornady until 1983 and I don't think the "Light Mag" ammo line came out until some time after. So if your guns owners manual mentions Hornady ammo by name it had to be made after 1982....

Per Hornady Website........found the answer
Originally developed and pioneered by Hornady in the early 1990’s, both Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® ammunition set the original standard for increased performance by providing higher velocity and energy from existing cartridges through a proprietary propellant and loading process. As revolutionary as this product was, it has now simply been eclipsed. Superformance™ ammunition is a 21st Century shift in ammunition technology. There’s no gimmicks, no compromises, only benefits. It’s faster (100 to 200 fps faster than any conventional ammunition on the market), extremely accurate, and there’s NO increase in felt recoil (unlike Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum®).
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