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Originally Posted by Doc Hoy
...The length of the barrel of the .45 ACP (Five inches for the .45 Auto) which achieves 900 FPS in comparison with the barrel length of the 58 Remington (7.5 to 8 inches)?

Bullet accelerates for a longer period of time in the longer barrel. Therefore to achieve the same speed, less pressure is required.

My 5.5 inch Remington won't push a round ball (154 gr) to 900 FPS. IIRC it tops out about 650...
Your response sent me over to ballistics by the inch

a Cor Bon 200 gr. JHP +P will reach 1102 ft/sec in a 6" barrel and 1150 in an 8'' barrel. It is enough difference to pay attention to but not a huge difference.
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