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I am not even going to pretend to know what UK politicians' thoughts and priorities are. Therefore I won't try to discuss them
Yes and i don't know what American politicians thoughts and priorities are. That's why i haven't tried to discuss them. But the Internet is a wonderful thing and i am sure i could look at American politicians views on firearms if i wanted to.

When my kids were growing up, my Winchester .30/30 was loaded and hanging on the wall of the living room.
My kids had about as much interest in it as they did in weeding the yard of dandilions..
Yes you can speak on behalf of your children. But don't assume that other children or parents have the same safe attitude to firearms that you have. I haven't looked up the statistics but i am sure that lots of children are killed by uncured firearms in America. I think requiring them to be stored safely would be a small price to pay if it helped prevent such incidents.

I'm sort of lost
Let me know part is confusing you and i will see if i can help.

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