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You said I can do what?!

I went to an out of the way gun store yesterday to check and see if they had a revolver that I've been looking for.

When I got there I found that they had a huge selection with good prices, (about 50 higher than what I've been finding on Buds website) and a friendly staff treating everyone with respect whether they were there to buy or browse.

I found a Taurus Raging Bull, asked a few questions about it and the guy behind the counter reached in opened the cylinder and handed it to me.

I pulled the hammer back with my thumb and said to the guy "Don't worry I'm not going to dry fire it, I just want to feel the trigger release" He said "It's ok if you want to dry fire it, go ahead"

I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. Never dry fire your weapon was the first thing my father taught me about guns. I even slightly looked around to see if the old man was standing somewhere as if this was some kind of test.

I handed the gun back to the guy, browsed around a little bit and left the store.

I really want to buy this revolver, and they have a good price, but how many times have they let someone like me come in and dry fire that weapon? Are they correct and could my old man be wrong? Did it use to matter and now technology has made it not matter anymore?
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