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This is starting to make a lot more sense now that I am doing more reading on ladder testing.

4runnerman - Your load has the same components that I was planning on using. While the powder charge and the overall length of the loaded round will be adjusted based on my specific rifle, will I also need to be concerned that my rifle will like a particular powder or primer over another? Perhaps it would be a good idea to do a ladder test with loads using RL-15, Varget, and IMR4064 to compare how each work in my rifle.

At the end of the day, what should I expect at 1000 yards in terms of acceptable group size? If I can expect my rifle to shoot at .5 moa at 100 yards, does that mean my groups at 1000 yards should be no larger than a 5" spread or is that unrealistic? It kinda' seems unrealistic over that distance given all the other factors that will come into play (wind, etc).

Thanks guys, this is really helping me.
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