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In my view, it is not about the specific trigger design. It's about training.....and what one becomes accustomed to, period. A lousy quality trigger is a lousy quality trigger. But, that is NOT dictated by whether it is DAO, or SAO, or DA/SA.

As for me, I shoot my DAO just as well as any other design - as long as I am "in the groove" with it. By that, I mean, as long as I have not skipped a few weeks of shooting with it. If I stay current and shoot DAO a lot, then no problem. The same mostly holds true with my DA/SA pistols - if I stay current, then no problem - if not, then I get "rusty".

One difficulty I do have however, is in switching back and forth between DAO and DA/SA. That DOES give me problems, at least until I get "back in the groove". I haven't quite figured out a solution for that, though. The obvious solution is to specialize - go exclusively with one design or another. In future, I probably will do that, as I think I have too many pistols now (and spreading myself between them is affecting my training). But, I haven't decided which way to jump. It could be either DAO or DA/SA.
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