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Legally I am prohibited from buying HPs and the loca market really only offers FMJ so, surprise-surprise, I buy FMJs...

I have shot 115gr for competition but will soon be moving up to 124gr. Legally, I can not buy and store more than 1000 rounds per gun. So, local shops often do 1000-round bulk buy discounts.

So I will be buying 1000 Fiocchi 124 FMJs just as soon as the shop with the best price gets new stock. Why 124gr for comps, when I could shoot the lighter recoiling 115s? Well, because I also bought a box for 158gr Fiocchi sub-sonics.

I decided they'd (the 158s) be the best SD load (same premise as .45ACP: relatively slow, but heavy bullet is probably more effective than the zippy light one), and shooting comps with 124grs is closer to that heavier bullet than 115...

So short answer: previously 115 for comps, not onto 124 and 158 for SD...
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