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"The extra weight isn't because I can't carry it, man...if 3 pounds of GP100 weighed me down, I couldn't walk up the side of the mountain. I wasn't gonna go there, but my weight issue is because the dang thing pulls my pants down
I have narrow hips and no butt to hold said trousers where they belong. If I tightened by belt down that far, it would be uncomfortable to say the least. I haven't seen a shoulder holster yet that wouldn't leave me chafed. The .357 is the obvious best option to cover any scenario but stopping every 10 steps to pull up my pants kind of puts a damper on things."

Suggestion: Go to local wally world, for less than $9.00 get yourself a pair of Dickies brand Perry suspenders. Works wonders helping support the weight, and keeping plumber's crack in check.
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