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Mine friend purchased a 709 like mine and has no problems with it. I told him about what mine did and he cleaned the magazine and gun before going to the range and has had zero malfunctions. I believe he as fired over 300 rounds through it. That was not all at once but on different trips to the range. I just got a new magazine today and took it apart to see if it had what I would call assembly grease in it. It did not have any grease in it and did not look like the one I had problems with. I don't know if this is something Taurus does for shipping or not but I would recommend taking apart and cleaning the magazine before going to the range. The Pierce extensions make the pistol feel much better when shooting, gives your finger a rest would also recomend them, but not needed. I'm going to compare my magazine that came with my gun that is now cleaned and the new cleaned magazine to see if I have any problems. (I still believe my initial problem was with the magazine). I keep you posted on my results.
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