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manta49, should a rape victim, having been raped once by a neighbor, just shrug and invite him back to her home?
People should really read my posts before posting. At no stage did i say there should be further gun control in America. I said they had background checks in the uk i and i don't have a problem with that and was pointing out that similar could be done in America if the government wanted to. I did not say it will happen or should happen in America. I was also pointing out that when people talk about gun control in America as if its something new that there already in gun control in America. My view is that further gun control in America will not make any difference regarding mass shootings . I do think some sensible common sense measures could be considered like requiring firearms to be safely stored when not in use. If only to stop children getting hold of them.

Says the person who doesn't even live here.
Lots on this forum are happy to comment on crime levels gun control etc in the uk. Should they not if they don't live in the uk.

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