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If you'll forgive me for offering more info that you asked for...Next week I'll start on my little experiment on group size versus case resizing methods and dies. I've done some earlier testing with FL sized, neck sized, and partial resized with fully prepped cases and with mixed and unprepped cases. The short answer is that the group size did vary with method and with prepped versus unprepped cases, but except for an occasional flyer with the unprepped cases, they ALL shot pretty well. One thing for sure is that if you partial resize or neck size, if the case shoulder is out far enough that you have to bear down to close the bolt, it's time to FL size them. It seemed apparent that accuracy was impacted if the case was difficult to chamber.

Going on memory, the best accuracy in that test came from FL sized cases and neck sized cases. The next test will include some of the dies that folks talk about a lot - the Lee Collet Neck Die and the Redding type S FL bushing die. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
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