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Some years ago I was prowling pawn shops with an old buddy of mine. He was looking for whatever, while I was just along for the coffee. Well, at one place he and the owner got to digging around in the back of a monster gun safe and they were handing rifles to me to "put em somewhere for now", and one of the rifles was a grimy and dust covered Remington 513T target 22, with a high dollar peep sight and about the most beautiful wood stock I've ever seen. Lord knows what that setup cost when new, and what the owner competed in. I asked the pawn shop guy if he'd take $100 for it and he sold it to me. Well it had what I think was a 28 inch very heavy bull barrel. I was gonna make it into my ultimate squirrel gun. Turns out it was too heavy to lug around squirrel hunting, but for target shooting it was amazing. I had it drilled and tapped and put a rather cheap Tasco on it. I think it was a 4-12. At 50 yards, with its favorite 22LR ammo, it would endlessly put the bullets into one ragged hole. Back then I didn't know parallax from antrax, but I had no problem shooting really tiny groups. I finally got bored with it and sold it at a gun show. It was amazing, but I had no real use for it once the possible squirrel hunting use was out. Point is that parallax gave me no problem at all. Maybe it was because the made-for-competition stock had such a good cheek support and I could keep a perfect spot weld.

If I was going to compete with a 22LR, you can bet I'd have an adjustable objective scope, but for just about anybody else and any other use, I just honestly don't see an issue with parallax. Yes, it exists. Can't argue with that, but for the non-competition folks I just don't think it needs much consideration. That's just my opinion and it's worth every penny ya'll paid for it.
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