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Only thing I've been able to find around here are TAPCO mags for my 74. I've bought eight at sub 15 dollar prices. Ive fired 30 rounds from four of them non had any issues. They wobble more when empty then full because the round on top presses into the bolt I believe. I plan on trading up to bulgy mags when they stop being marked up to fifty apiece. If not I'm sure these will last quite some time.

The issues with them are the rear lug and tooth (idk the offical names) where they lock up and also the feedlips are just plastic. impact to the mag (ie falling prone) can snap that spur off on the back or those three places just wear out over time.

Tapco body is poly it flares near the bottom for extra support. Base plate is steel, spring is... springy. the follow is polymer as well. All in all if you get them for a retail price I think you'll be happy.

I would stick with Steel mags for a 47 or surp bulgy poly mags. But I think US Palm and Tapco would suffice for Range day in a pinch.
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