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Yeah am looking for a truck gun. That's why I leaned toward revolvers. The COLT I will pass for sure it's too old and not a good idea for truck pistol.

The Charter arms seems like a sweet deal to me. A .44 charter arms, a box of 50 rounds of .44 special, a holster, AND $300 cash... That seems like an amazing offer to me. (Brand new charter arms retails for $415). I figure a Charter arms should be perfect for a truck gun, especially if it was bought brand new in 2008 and only fired 100 times max, should be a good choice since it is used, but not heavily used only 100 rounds. Shouldn't a Charter arms be ├╝ber-reliable if its only been fired less than 100 rounds and is only 4 years old?? I figure a loaded charter arms that just sits in say, the Glove Box, is more likely to go "bang" everytime vs a Glock that just sits in the glove box, but that's just my view on revolvers don't know how accurate it is.

But man I dunno I love Glock! I just figured with that extra $300 cash I could literally buy another pistol... Or just have that extra $300 and a .44 revolver to go with it.. Can't make up my mind, driving my crazy lol.

I already have a Glock 26, so I can have the Glock 26 do anything the 19 can (since the 26 can take a Glock 19 mag). The only benefit I see with the 19, at least for me, is it has night sight. Is there anything different on a Glock 19 that make it better or more reliable than a 26??? I thought they where the exact same, just one is sub-compact vs compact. And internally, isn't the only difference between a Glock 19 vs 26 the dual recoil springs in the G26??

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