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I may have some beef with several things about the Russians, I'll deal with that after the Axis has been brought to its knees.
I don't know. That didn't work out so well in the long run. Ask the Poles, the Hungarians, or the Czechs.

That said, socialism these days is much like anarchy (and to some extent, libertarianism) in that it's a doctrine of critique rather than governance. It's an interesting philosophical difference, but not one that would cause me to reject help on a specific issue. Heck, they might be changing some minds for the better.

However, to imply that we should take anyone who wants to ally with us could be unwise. We've at times had white supremacists who've wanted to lump themselves in with the cause, and I've often argued that associating with them is counter-productive.
Sometimes it’s nice not to destroy the world for a change.
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