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I'm sorry, I don't mean to pick a fight but these folks put their life on the line every day... it is there job to run TO danger. They should not be limited. We should not be hoping for things that would endanger them or those they are trying to protect.
Frankly people like those are specifically the kind we don't need protecting us.

Did they complain about the law's unconstitutionality? Or that it limit's EVERYONE'S ability to defend themselves? No, they didn't care about any of those things. It's only once they learned that they themselves would be inconvenienced did they start whining.

Screw them. Once the police start getting the idea that they are somehow special and better than the mere "civilians" they must constantly deal with then their well-being is of little concern to me at that point.

If I lived where you do with the police force that you have. Perhaps one of the counties where the Sheriffs specifically refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun laws, then my opinion would be much the same as yours. However when you deal with cops like these all these years, it's hard not to view them as a nuisance at best and and outright enemy at worst.
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