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An Ammo Sensitive 22?

Been looking around for an airweight 22 and was able to find a used 317 today. As a bonus the dealer tossed in a box of CCI. I took the gun to the range and fired a box of Federal without any issues, gun cycled and ejected all rounds without a hiccup. I then tried the CCI and the gun began to lock up. This continued to the point the cylinder would not turn and I couldn't even open the gun up to eject the rounds. The firearm eventually cooled off and I was able to open and eject these rounds. A couple hours later I went back this time with 100 rounds of Federal and the firearm performed fine. No issues of lockup as experienced with the CCI. My question being, has anyone encountered this, as it's pretty clear this little 22 prefers one ammunition over the other.
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