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Primers labeled "match" are done so for two reasons.

One is the priming mixture is made by the best folks at the plant who mix the putty like slurry compound the most uniform and tests with those primers indicate they have the most uniform fire and heat ouitput.
I met a gentleman at the range whose job is in ammunition gaging. He verified that this is true and that the workers who make the most consistent primer mix get cash awards. He also stated that the instrumented equipment used today measures an ungodly amount of parameters. I remember pressure wave, material ejected, and I am certain there are lots more.

The other is marketing hype that may well not end up being as good in actual performance as standard primers.

There are primers out there that are not labeled "match" but outperform those that are labeled as such.
Very true, and I am sorry I only bought 15,000 of those of those "non-match" fantastic primers as I only recently found out how good they were and did not anticipate the current primer panic.
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