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Thanks for this thread. Until you posted I didn't even know that FN was making a striker-fired pistol.

How long have they had this on the market?

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It came out last year, and yeah most people seem to have never heard of them for some reason.

.40 S&W is hard to find so the reloader is gonna get a workou
FN announced they will offer conversion kits to swap between 9mm & 40 later this year, not that 9mm is much easier to find. Still it means you can buy whichever you can find and just shoot that.

still new enough finding a holster is the hardest part.
Holsters are still harder to find than the popular stuff, but not any worse than my CZ's.

Galco makes some, and that's who I got mine from. I know High Noon Holsters has several models for them.

Safari Land makes Duty Holsters for the FNS, and I believe I've seen one in a Serpa somewhere, but haven't checked that for sure.
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