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I had an older man that ran a range do similar to me across from the counter he was behind from me.

My son in law, his step father and I went to shoot at a new range to me. They had been members there for a while.

We are at the counter talking with a guy maybe 65-70 years old behind the counter. He was getting us set up for our shoot.

He is wearing a shooting vest all kinds of pockets. He decides to show off his bug gun in one of the vest pockets. Had some very colorful work done on the slide. Kind of like a rainbow. Sorry I forget the name of the work done to it.

As he is showing it in the palm of his hand to us. The barrel is pointed directly at my GUT the entire time.

At first I had this sick feeling to my stomach. But I fluffed it off while I was watching where his fingers where very carefully. And I like a dumb ass, ignored it and moved on.

After the shoot I was thinking back on it all.

Man I was so mad.

I can tell you, I won't be going back there again.

I am new to the scene and trying to condition myself to this kind of thing.

Safety first at all times.

I have been grinding the rules in my head every day, since I will have my CCW license soon.

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