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going to trim to 2.007. saw 2.015 is max cartridge length and suggested 2.005, so i thought i would go over just a couple thousandths for safety precaution while well under max...
I believe there may be some over-thinking going on here...

As cases are resized, they tend to grow. (RCBS X-dies excluded...) So, you measure them and if any are over 2.015 you trim them back to 2.005. Then you don't have to trim every time the case is resized, just do a length check.

As long as the case is under maximum case length, there shouldn't be an issue. Shorter isn't safer. Shorter just reduces the amount of neck available for bullet tension.

By the way, the Wilson gauge I mentioned will measure both lengths with one "case drop". Look at one end to check cartridge headspace, then invert and stand on a flat surface and check the other end for need to trim.
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