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The reason I linked to the two articles from The Militant was so that folks could read a different take on the fight to defend the Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment. One that I think is particularly honest and valuable.

They are so far the only folks saying what is obvious, to me at least. Both political parties have been keen of late in leading attacks on our individual constitutional rights. From the "stop and frisk" laws in N.Y. supported by both parties in various states and guises (the "show me your papers" laws in Alabama and Arizona are the same thing wearing a different jacket), to the erosion of our rights to a fair trial, to the Obama administrations decision that it can kill American citizens overseas without charges being brought or a trial being held, and the list could go on. These attacks whittle away at the room people have to practice politics and are a threat to the exercise of our rights. Including the second amendment.

At the same time we see an increase in the advocacy of both vigilantism and greater power being given to the police apparatus by leaders of both parties.

So I think the articles make interesting reading and I welcome their viewpoint. But to debate socialism vs. capitalism in the abstract seems pointless to me in the face of a real discussion of the way forward that can unite folks in defense of the Bill of Rights.

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