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scrubcedar, I didn't mean to imply any ignorance on your part. It is clear from the way you communicate that you are an educated fellow. But you cannot deny that such ignorance abounds.

As for the images, the very first one that came up showed a young woman shouldering a shotgun in precisely the same way.

But my point is that it just doesn't matter. Calling a man a liar because he doesn't hold a shotgun the way you think he should, and impugning his intelligence because he hasn't yet refined his skills (which, as Brian points out above, do not so urgently need refining as some here have suggested) serves no purpose but to tell us how much you don't like him. There are very simple, and far more benign, explanations at hand for this photo op. You can be outraged if you want, but I don't see what purpose it serves.
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