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I know I can only afford one press at the outset to load handgun and rifle so what is the best press for loading rifle and pistol ammo? I don't care whether it is single, turret or progressive.

How much is the package going to cost to get me started? I am talking about the cost of the equipment only, excluding the cost of primers, brass, powder and bullets.
Minimum, slightly over $100, plus as many die sets as you need.

Done right (the way I think would be right), closer to $300, plus die sets.

Die sets, for Lee (cheapest you're going to find), I think they're a bit over $30 for a 3 die pistol die set at this point.

By right, I'm thinking the Lee Classic Turret kit, plus a few extra items needful for rifle loading (trimmer, caliper, maybe some other stuff). Get as many turrets as you have die sets. They're inexpensive. Remove the indexing rod, and use it as a manually advanced turret, until you understand the process.

For handguns I will start with .380 and .38 Sp and down the road load 9MM Luger, 9MM Makarov and .45 ACP.
Any one of them will be an OK place to start.
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