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It looks to me like most of them would not seat/headspace properly.

If the action did not close all the way, but was closed enough to allow firing, you would have a 45 ACP blowback operated pistol with insufficient mass in the slide for safety. Cracked frame possible. Maybe even having the slide installed in your forehead like a hood ornament.

Even if they did chamber, fire and cycle properly, several looked like they could leave chunks of the plating remaining in the barrel/chamber.

Disassemble the cartridges that do not pass the "plunk" test CLEANLY.

Of the pulled bullets, toss the ones that have the plating squished outside the nominal diameter (probably all of them).

Of the cartridges, consider retiring to a metal recycler any whose case mouths are buckled.

DEFINITELY change your loading procedures to insert an examination step of each round. Having such an exam would have alerted you to the problem before you had so many defects.

What press were you using? Were you batch processing or continuous processing? I process continuously. As each round comes out of my press, I give it a look and roll it between my fingers, feeling for any irregularities and primer depth.

Design your "factory floor" for efficiency, quality control and safety just like an industrial engineer would. Such mistakes do happen, but a good loading procedure would have caught them immediately. Write the procedure down, step-by-step. Examine it, vett it, refine it, memorize it, follow it.

Yes, I am being hard on you. "Rigorous" is a better word, I think. You have learned a valuable lesson at the cost of a few dollars worth of bullets and some time. A bargain at twice the price. No destroyed gun. No lost body parts. Be glad.

Lost Sheep

edit: I gotta learn to compose posts faster. Your post #3 came in while I was writing. Yes, adjusting the flare is an art. I have done a few like yours myself when I was first starting out.
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