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Originally Posted by Hawg Haggen
I got the same one before Christmas on sale for 25.00 Unless you're shooting for tiny groups the fixed 4 will do whatever you need it to.

Yup that looks just like mine. I had to buy rings that would work on the rail that came with the 10/22 but the supplied rings will work on the receiver groves of a Marlin 60."
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Well, I went to local Walmart today to purchase Weaver 'tip-off base and rings' in anticipation of purchasing online a more expensive scope but that Bushnell you referenced, e.g., the 4x32 Rimfire, was one of the few scopes that he had...on a whim and also remembering posters like yourself, I ended up buying it! Hopefully it will mount directly on the Marlin 60 as you asserted. It was priced at $29.97.

Wish me well and THANKS for the comments, guys!

On another matter, I don't know why I am unable to quote posts...does it have to do with anything related to paying for a subscription?

p.s. Will post photos when mounted on my 60.
Cool! Let us know how it works for you. It does great on my 10/22. I use it for pest control mostly. I have taken many coons opossums and squirrels with it.
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