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This is not at it's core about form. The Presidents form while shooting skeet is irrelevant, I agree. The President obviously telling a lie to persuade people will never be irrelevant.
After feeding in "skeet shooting" into google image search, I'm even more sure that this is a staged shot with someone who wasn't even trying to hit a clay target.
Go ahead, try it for yourself, go to google, I didn't see a single person who looked as bad as he does.

It ain't about form, it's about honesty and integrity. If he is trying to tell me that a person who shoots skeet "all the time" looks like that behind the gun he has neither.

Think about it this way folks, a new member comes on to this site, starts a thread about lets say shotgun loads. This person posts the shot of the
President uses as proof of his skill, then says he goes skeet shooting "all the time"
You're probably going to think he is either a liar or an idiot who has no idea what he is doing and is to egotistical to listen to others as they try to help him get better.
I don't see either of those scenarios as one I'd want a President involved in.

The question is Liar,or Idiot.

My vote is Liar, what's yours?
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