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Jim Watson
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I have been to a couple of IDPA matches with one-shot targets as a novelty and challenge. No reason not to set up more in order to save ammo in these trying times.

I see no point to making up a new game for the purpose.
Write up some stages for those organizations you list in your sig line.

Finding an economical round count that people will actually take the trouble to attend will be the trick. One club near here had a 6 stage 45 shot match that was well received. When I was setting up IDPA here, I tried for a long time to offer "one box" matches you could get through in 50 rounds... if you didn't miss much.

That was appreciated by the new shooters of the day but as they got more experience, they wanted more shooting. The current crop wants to be entertained and I don't know how they will respond to a short sharp event.
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