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Well I WAS going to say "Get a longer barrel"

Originally Posted by Mrgoosell
Which .44 magnum revolver
In the market for a 44 magnum revolver 4" or less for the barrel. What do you guys recommend??

A co worker of mine has a taurus 4" 44 mag i think its a tracker. Ive shot about 100 rounds with it. So my question to you is why is a 4" 44 mag a bad choice for a shooting gun?
I WAS going to recommend a longer barrel, but that suggestion has been beat to death (except for the advantage of having a longer sight radius). I have .357 Magnums in 4", 6" and 8" and the 6" and 8" shoot much more accurately (in aimed fire) than the 4" solely because of the sight radius.

The 4" DOES have the advantage of being able to be carried more comfortably and, if desired, concealed.

Post #19 (Bob Wright) is right on and Ozzieman's post #42 has the added benefit of the link to the web site I was going to cite.

The Redhawk vs the Super Redhawk though has not been mentioned. While the Super LOOKS larger, it really isn't all that much.

The Redhawk has a single-spring system where the Super Redhawk has separate springs for the trigger return and the mainspring (the same as the GP-100). The Super also can use the same grips as the GP-100.

The Redhawk has a full grip frame and smaller grips. The Super Redhawk has a post (enabling grip makers more latitude in grip shape) and comes with larger, softer grips which mitigates the recoil.

Your friend's Taurus probably has the ribbed, super-soft grips that cushion the recoil. A 4" Redhawk with standard wood (not the target grips or aftermarket rubber grips) grips will make you intimate with the 44 Magnum recoil. Some people like it. Some don't.

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