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What is "long range" in your neighborhood?

The only Trijicon that I would think suitable for target shooting is the Accupoint 5-20X and there are a lot of other choices.

Are you a proficient handloader or have a large ammunition budget?
I live in Colorado. Half of the state is plains, and the mountains are treeless in many places.

So, long range would be 1000 yards.

I am NOT that good a shot , YET. But , if the SHTF, maybe it will be needed.

Ammo budget is fine. I do handloading, but I would not call myself proficient yet. I am getting there, however.

One thing I've noticed, 7mm rem mag is still available , as is 270 win, in many places. I'm extremely well prepared in the 270 win area. I plan to build my 7mm stock at this time.

338 Lapua is not only expensive, it's about as plentiful as 9mm ammo, or even 9mm bullets. I have powder and primer , and 200 9mm 115 grain bullets. I only bring up the 9mm as an example of availability.

These are the pros and cons as I see them at this time. But I'm open to learning, always. Hence, my question.
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