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Here is a little more info about the kit. It comes with fifty bullets total. Ten for each of the varying abrasive steps. Much to my surprise, the coarsest bullets are not as coarse as I was expecting.

There is two different instructions depending on how your gun shoots. If your gun shoots bad, you shoot all fifty bullets, with cleaning between each abrasive step. If your gun shoots good, you skip the first two abrasive steps and start at step number three.

I took my rifle out this morning to evaluate it one more time. I would say that mine is somewhere between bad and good. I still need to go measure the groups. My rifles biggest issue is fowling. Because it fowls so bad, accuracy goes away after 30 or 40 rounds. I am leaning towards using the partial kit.

I will follow up on this post after I "pull the trigger". Meanwhile, I am going to go clean that damn gun!

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