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Never let go

Never let go of one anchor until you have a firm grip on another anchor first.

We don't know what you are loading or the quantities, so whether going from turret to single is wise or not is moot. But considering the current situation, I have to ask, are you certain you are not going to have to wait six months to get your Redding?

In my opinion, a manually indexing turret is not that much faster or more versatile than a single stage press, particularly when you have the breech-lock bushings.

So, I think what you did could make sense (depending on what you load and the quantities). If you have cartridges which do not need the extreme leverage of the Big Boss and that you want larger quantities, I see an auto-indexing turret in your future, if not a progressive. But no, not crazy.

However, letting your only press (I assume) go without the new one firmly in hand. That's unwise.

Lost Sheep

I just read post #3. Cool. You made the same decision I would have made were I in your position with your needs. My needs (and point of view) are different, of course. So, if you find you want greater quantities for your 9mm, consider a Lee Classic Turret. It is the best auto-indexing 4-station turret press currently made, at any price, bar none.

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