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Good tip on the cabinet scraper. I've used that approach several times on gunstocks and it works great. As for problems with wet sanding with 600 grit, I do it all the time but never ever have used water as the wetting liquid. After the stock has been cleaned up and sanded through the grits (150 to 220 to 320 to 400 and then to 600), I'll raise the grain a couple of times and sand off the whiskers with 400 or 600. Then when I'm applying a finish, be it Tung Oil, Antique Oil, or just BLO, I wet sand with the liquid finish I'm applying, usually starting with the second application of the finish. That's what generates the superfine dust/oil mixture that fills the pores in the grain. Of course there are several other ways to fill the pores (rottenstone and BLO or even commercial wood filler in the shade that you want).
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