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Ok the stock does have bedding,its made out of aluminum so it doesn't need to be messed with.I ounce had one LA for a rifle I no longer have.The one I had was a Full Length ( not the short one ) I loved that stock but choose to move onto something else.

I see no reason not to just go ahead and get a 20 MOA base.Buy ounce and be done with it I say.Plus it shouldn't hurt a thing already having it on the rifle.

Timney I have to say myself is somewhat over rated.The one that came on my sons rifle feels good but will let the pine fall when standing up.Called them and they said it was the nature of the trigger,told them no way,and have been told from many other the same.Ounce I can find an alen wrench I will adjust the sear to make it right.Now he just makes sure not to hold the rifle standing up and take the safety off.

other than that you should be OK in my book.But if you want to get rid of the stock I'll be glade to take it from ya,for I have a build coming up and my use it.
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