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I'd like to thank everyone that voted for me not only in April but the Photo of the Year as well! I've been participating in this contest since it's inception back in 2008 and up until this year, never even won a month. For me to win three months as well as the coveted title means very much especially considering the quaility of the other photos to choose from. I'd really like to give credit where credit is due though and that's to Bud Helms. He's the one that keeps this thing going for all of us and I'm sure more than once he would have liked to have washed his hands of it due to all the work involved. A big "THANKS" goes out to you, Bud as I'm sure like me, everyone loves to see what interesting photos or guns are going to pop up and you're the driving force that keeps it going!

As far as the items in the picture for anyone that's interested, the photo was taken in 1898 when my grandad was 18. He was in his 40's when my dad was born and my dad was in his 40's when I was born. Even though I'm in my 40's, I'm not having any more kids so I put a stop to that silly tradition! The cleaning rod was his as well as the pocket book and pocket watch. The chain on the pocket watch was actually made by my great-grandfather who was a jeweler. The rest of the props I've picked up over time as I kind of collect things like that and it was ironic how everything blended so well. As far as the gun goes, it's a Remington Model 11 made in 1920. It has a Bishop stock on it as my dad was from Warsaw, MO and had many friends that worked there as well as his second wife I believe. As far as zooming out to show more, I was somewhat limited as the box it's on is an old carpenters tool box. My grandad was a carpenter and although it's not his personal chest, it still ties in with paying homage to him. Here's a pic of a little different angle showing more:

And here's a quick picture of the entire gun itself:

Thanks again!
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