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i can use hodgon data listing both powders and both types of bullets
but are nos 150g bt the same as hornady 150g fmj/bt so do same charge or if different dimensions will get different pressures for same charge?

Pretty much. No book maker produces absolutely specific data for any specific rifle or anything else; bullet-case-primer-powder lot-which way the ducks are flying all vary a tad. All the book makers can do is tell us what they got in their test rigs using their components on that day and our's ain't exactly like theirs.

There are those few high-lighted lines found in every manual that tell us to start low and work up slowly to the book's max UNLESS you experience early signs of excess pressure; they're serious about that. Follow that one rule and you'll be fine no matter your components or the serial number of your specific Remington 700 SPS 308 24" 1/10 or Savage 10fcp-sr 24" 1/10 or anything else, but ignore that rule and no book data is totally "safe.'
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