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The whole argument is stupid for two reasons:

1) They ARE seeking to take away our guns. Imagine a politician deciding to ban certain books that they have arbitrarily decided that people shouldn't be allowed to read. Now imagine this line: "We are not taking away anybody's books. That's just scaremongering. But we are seeking to dry up the supply of these dangerous books that are on the market."

I would think most people would say that just because they are not seeking book confiscation does not mean they are not coming for our books. By seeking to ban the further production of the books, then they would most definitely be coming for our books. Just the same, by seeking to ban the further production of certain guns, they very much are coming for our guns. Not seeking to confiscate the guns people have doesn't mean they aren't seeking to come for our guns essentially.

2) They CAN'T come for the guns people have, so it's a moot argument anyway. It's not like they could do it easily, but out of the goodness of their hearts, are choosing not to. They couldn't do it for two reasons:

a) There's too many guns out there. They wouldn't have the resources or the money to pursue and/or buy back all of the guns in people's hands.

b) Not everyone would comply. They'd either at worst end up with an armed insurrection or at best end up with some people telling the government to go pound sand. In which case, then what happens? You end up with a stand-off, which means unless they can figure out how to take the people down in a non-violent manner, they have to end it violently. If they back off in the end, then that would embolden all sorts of other people to tell them to go pound sand as well.

Thing is, if they take the people down violently, that would look VERY bad. The American people are fine with the government taking out armed terrorists who are trying to kill innocents. They would NOT be fine with the government gunning down John and Jane Doe who are sixty-five years-old and just refusing to give up their guns. Ruby Ridge and Waco did not garner the government good publicity by any means.

And all you'd need is three, four, five, six, or so such people standing up to the government for it all to turn into a public relations nightmare. So they aren't going to seek confiscation because they can't do it.
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