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new fns9

They went to public not too long ago, still new enough finding a holster is the hardest part. I saw the FNS 40 and went back and looked at it about 8 times before I built the nerve to put out the bucks for it. Finally jumped in and yea, I understand the love part... this weapon is awsome. I cleaned it, but found it actually clean in the box. Started at 15 yards, then 25 and 50 and never changed anything with the sights... accurate first time out. 3 magazines. I planned on 50 rounds for first time out, did 250 because it was great, and fun. I am a retired LEO and wish I could have carried this back when I had to. I am a fan on the striker trigger pull and changed nothing so far. Truly one of the best guns I have ever fired... no regrets. Only now, .40 S&W is hard to find so the reloader is gonna get a workout... so I can have more fun...
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