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How much will it cost for reloading equipment?

I am going to start reloading, I would rather do it sooner than later. I have $600.00 today which will be increased to $900.00 by the end of the month.

I have read the sticky - For the New Reloader: Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST

For rifles I will initially load 6.5x55 and .223 and eventually load the rest of the calibers I own - 30-06, .30-.30, .270 and .243.

For handguns I will start with .380 and .38 Sp and down the road load 9MM Luger, 9MM Makarov and .45 ACP.

I know I can only afford one press at the outset to load handgun and rifle so what is the best press for loading rifle and pistol ammo? I don't care whether it is single, turret or progressive.

How much is the package going to cost to get me started? I am talking about the cost of the equipment only, excluding the cost of primers, brass, powder and bullets.
My great great grandfather was an old Indian fighter.
My great great grandmother was an old Indian.

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