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How much will it cost for reloading equipment?

I am going to start reloading, I would rather do it sooner than later. I have $600.00 today which will be increased to $900.00 by the end of the month.

I have read the sticky - For the New Reloader: Equipment Basics -- READ THIS FIRST

For rifles I will initially load 6.5x55 and .223 and eventually load the rest of the calibers I own - 30-06, .30-.30, .270 and .243.

For handguns I will start with .380 and .38 Sp and down the road load 9MM Luger, 9MM Makarov and .45 ACP.

I know I can only afford one press at the outset to load handgun and rifle so what is the best press for loading rifle and pistol ammo? I don't care whether it is single, turret or progressive.

How much is the package going to cost to get me started? I am talking about the cost of the equipment only, excluding the cost of primers, brass, powder and bullets.
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