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Thanks for your thoughts. My concerns are not with the locking of the gun from unauthorized use but with the extra precaution of the gun discharging when being pulled from concealed carry. I know that a DA is a longer and much heavier trigger pull, but in the heat of trying to get the gun out to use bad things could happen. I know extensive training could help with the draw. I have always carried a 1911 type cocked and locked for many years with nary a problem. Using the safety lever is second nature for me. I am asking this because my wife will not carry a semi or a gun without a manual safe. WHAT TO DO? This Maribito Safety was an option to put her mind at ease and mine. She is not new to shooting sports being a 3 time state and national champion trap shooter. I just hope that fix is the way to go. $150 is a lot to shell out.
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