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Bersa opinions

Being quite a Bersa fan I enjoy reading about Bersa, and find some of the things said here a little confusing. I bought a Bersa BP9cc after shooting a friends and gave it to my fiance for CC, and liked it so much I ordered another one for me. Initial break in was about 250 rounds, and since both have had another 500 plus rounds fired through them. They have always functioned to perfection.
I'm a retired LEO, former rangemaster, firearms instructor, OPOA competator and one of the questions I have always been asked is which firearm is best. My answer has always been the one you enjoy shooting the most, because that's the one you will shoot the best with.
I truly have no qualms recommending the BP9cc and have had a couple friends want to order them, just hard to find lately. Price has gone up in the last 6 months on Bersa like every other brand out there. Two of the local gunsmiths I know well and one carries a Bersa BP9 for his CC.
I think you get get some faults with any manufacture, but I think 2 in a row must just be bad luck. How old were your Bersa's??
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