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150 GR. NOS BT IMR 3031 40.2grn 43.5C grn

150 GR. NOS E-TIP IMR 3031 39.3grn 42.8 grn

155 GR. SIE HPBT IMR 3031 39.5grn 43.2C grn

165 GR. HDY SP IMR 3031 39.1 grn 41.6 grn

168 GR. BAR TTSX BT IMR 3031 38.0 grn 41.5C grn

This is the load data from IMR Hodgdon web site. This is a large proportion of the 3031 data. Throughout the load data a 41 grain load would be a good starting point as far as I can see for a Hornady 150 grain load. The heavier the bullet weight the less the grain of powder. Obviously this is to counter act for pressure build up in the rifle. I think I am going to have to do some more trawling of the web and reloading manuals to try and find a load to confirm that it will be ok. Either that or it is just going to be a new tub of powder

Thanks Jamie
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