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IMR SR 4759 Help

Does anyone have any published handgun load data or information regarding IMR SR 4759 smokeless powder? IMR website states “This bulky handgun powder works great in the magnums, but really shines as a reduced load propellant for rifle cartridges.” IMR does list load data for a few rifle cartridges, to confuse things further the Hodgens/IMR/Winchester Reloading manual list subject powder in their “Pistol Usage” chart as applicable for medium and magnum pistol cartridges; however, once again there is no load data for pistol cartridges only for a few reduced load rifle calibers. Specifically, I have a few pounds of the stuff and I would like to load .44mag with this powder to save my remaining stock of Tighgroup and Unique for 9mm. Also, I would load 10mm with it too if I could; yet, without any load data from reputable sources I am loath to try it. My Lyman and Sierra manuals only list rifle load data too. Thanks for your help.
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