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Thanks for asking our advice.

The Lee FCD for rifle rounds is completely different from the FCD for pistol rounds. Since the 444 Marlin is more like a straight-walled pistol case than the typical bottlenecked rifle case I have to ask which type of FCD you have?

I suspect it is the straight-walled pistol version. If so, please read post #3 from Iowegan in this thread. He gives an excellent treatise on the subjects you brought up.

The Lee Pistol FCD performs two separate functions. Applying a crimp is the primary, of course. Resizing the cartridge as it withdraws from the crimping die is secondary.

The secondary function is controversial. Some hate it for being a crutch that lets sloppy loaders hide their mistakes or that it actually loosens bullet retention. (Both valid points, but seldom on the mark), Some love it for its convenience and uniformity. But I will let the discussion threads speak for themselves.

All four of the linked threads, I started to try to clear the air about those controversies. (There have been dozens that talk about the FCD that muddied the waters - do a search for them. Some are hilarious.) I hope these four are helpful.

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