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Since you are not reloading for gas guns (AR-10's, M1A's, etc.), you can probably adjust your resizing die by "sneaking up on" the chamber as a gauge. By that I mean, carefully adjust the FL sizing die for more sizing in 1/32 turns (0.002") until the bolt just closes without undue effort.

If you segregate brass by rifle, this should work.

An alternative is to get an inexpensive cartridge headspace gauge (such as the pattern made by LE Wilson) and use that to make sure you are between the upper and lower steps on the gauge. That would be "within SAAMI spec" and should, therefore, fit any modern rifle chambered for .308 Winchester. (Assuming it's chamber is in spec.) Then your reloads will work for either rifle.

At any rate, if you over-resize, you can set up what it called "induced excess headspace", which can lead to dangerous case head separation after just a couple of reloads.

Primers should be seated flush or slightly below flush.

Don't ignore the need to check for trim length. Repeated resizing makes the case "grow" in length. Overlength cases can be crimped by the rifling and lead to dangerous overpressure.

The load data for a given bullet weight and the recommendation to "work up" for a given rifle should be followed as final safety precautions.

IMO, the rest of the stuff (sorting cases by weight, neck turning, concentricity gauges, etc.) is benchrest territory. No harm done if you have the time, but no decrease in safety if you ignore these.
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