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Newbie here Hi everyone

Hi everyone, just like to introduce myself and ask a few questions related to reloading. I tried the search engine but not really coming up with the correct answers

I'm from Scotland keepers son and have been in the shotgun/rifle culture for my whole life but I have decided to venture into reloading for cost and accuracy reasons.
I reloaded some brass with IMR 3031 to push a Nosler 150 gr BTBT. I found online a recipe on IMR's web site with a load from 40.2 grains up to a compressed load of 43.5 grains. I ended up going with a 42 grain load and it was a 1/4 inch group @ 100yards. I'm shooting with a 308 Tika T3 hunter through a Smit and Bender 8x50 scope with a wildecat suppressor. Factory ammunition would never have a group like that!!!

1st Question is and I am sorry if it has been asked 100 times over but can you use 150 grain bullet of any manufacturer with this load. The nosler is 9.7 grams in weight static on the digital scale. I presume I can use a Hornady 150 grain round with this load data to ?????? providing it is of the same weight example.

2nd question is I made 2 loads after confirming where exactly the Lands was according to the bullet and making up a dummy round. My OAL was 70.0 mm dead. This load gave the 1/4 inch group @100 yards.
I then seated a new load at 69.0mm wich is clearly 1mm back from the Lands further and my group fell out all to a 3 inch group. Is this a normal outcome and you have to find the sweet spot for your rifle to tighten up the group. I know that the 70.0mm OAL is 3mm back from the Lands...

Thankyou for your time in advance and sorry if the questions are a bit repetative

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