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Just pick a data sheet that comes closest to what you are using.
Barrel length varies from data sheet
brand of primer can change the pressure
depth of bullet seated in case can change pressure
capacity of round can make a difference, some loads are compressed loads, meaning the bullet squeezes the power into the case, where some cases are only 1/3 full. Depends on type of power.
some powders burn at a faster rate than others. Makes the pressure increase at a faster rate.
Myself, I go with the load data from the powder manufacturers to stay with in the pressures recommended. That is why you see some powders are not recommended with certain bullet weights. a particular powder and bullet may cause the case pressure to increase to the point of failure .
Each individual chamber/barrel may behave different with the same load due to chamber size, distance to the beginning of the rifling, barrel length, outside air temp, barrel temp. and other "hidden variables".
These may not make it dangerous, but will greatly effect the accuracy of the projectile. the question then becomes,"how close is good enough?" Is a ragged hole 200 yard group what you want, or is 2 minute accuracy good enough, or are you just happy it goes off and you can hit a barn with it. The precision will be entirely up to you.
All of the case dimensions are important , so that you do not have a case that is over /under sized that could rupture in the chamber because of excess pressure. The more precision the case fits your gun , the more accurate the bullet will hit the target
start with a lower loading and work your way up to an accurate load,watching for signs of case failure all along the way.
you can get it so precision that the load for the first cold bore shot can be matched to a second loading to compensate for the temperature change . If that is what you are wanting to do. There are many who enjoy reloading to precision , more than shooting .
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