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Some options

One of my favorites is a 454 Puma lever action that is also made in 480 Ruger. These are fairly small carbines even smaller than a 30-30 Winchester. Rossi, I believe, bought out Puma, acouple of years ago and I think stopped making the 480 Ruger.

In case you are not familiar with these cartridges, the factory kicks like a .44 Mag which is also available in carbines but its fps is much higher as is its penetration. By comparison, a .44 in the same round will go about a foot in an aspen log that is three feet in length and a .454 will go completely through it.

The .480 by comparison is a much easier bullet to fire and I think it kicks much lesss than a .44, more like a .45 colt which is also available in carbines.

Lately we are seeing more and more .357 in carbines but I've not had a chance to fire one.

But I have a question for you. I understand that New York is working on being a gun free zone. I just bought an assult rifle (.458 Socum) from a retire NYC cop who can't even have one!

What are the new laws that came down by your Governor?

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