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1. I kill deer with Hornady 55 Gr V MAX bullets in my .223
2. This year was the first time I ever used a 30-30 to hunt deer.
I used Remington 170 Gr Corlockt bullets in the 30-30. The 30-30 shredded the lungs on a doe and it jumped, and then walked off through the brush. I knew I had a good hit but it sure did not seem like it. That deer went a long way considering it was just wandering along. I am not impressed with a 30-30 and would NOT use hollow points in it to hunt. Experience tells me to use the fancy bullets (Hollow points) with high velocity rounds. I really drop deer fast with the .223 and V-MAX bullets. If you pay attention to a lot of the posts praising specialty bullets, you will see most are shooting high velocity rounds.

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